Aflac | Workforces Report | 2013 - page 14

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three-quarters of today’s workers agree with the
statement, “I believe my employer will educate me
about changes to my health care coverage as
a result of the health care reform.” Alarmingly,
only 13 percent of companies named “educating
our employees about health care reform” as an
important issue for their organizations.
The bottom line is that workers want guidance from
employers; without it, they may be inadequately
protected, in financial duress and not as produc-
tive. The impact of the current economic landscape,
combined with a general lack of basic understand-
ing of financial principles, has left many American
workers financially insecure and with high debt.
Companies that don’t view a worker’s well-being
holistically – both physical and financial – and don’t
continue to have a stake in protecting the overall
health of workers will face unprecedented, often
veiled costs. Clearly, many Americans are in a diffi-
cult financial position and that often means turning
to their employer for help.
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