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C o m p e t i t i v e E d g e 1 :
Seeking to understand and
prepare for health care reform
Many regulations and deadlines are quickly approaching, with little
understanding of how it will ultimately impact a variety of constitu-
ents. According to the Aflac study, the majority of U.S. companies
admit they have a low understanding of health care reform, while only
27 percent understand it extremely or very well. Talent Attractor
companies, however, are distinctly different. A full 40 percent of these
organizations say they understand health care reform legislation
extremely or very well. These Talent Attractors are also significantly
more likely to be taking steps to prepare for health care reform, includ-
ing helping employees to become better engaged in benefits decisions
and educating employees about health care reform (figure 1).
C o m p e t i t i v e E d g e 2 :
Linking benefits to profitability
Talent Attractor companies appreciate the power benefits can have
on profitability and see a significant correlation between benefits and
other important HR outcomes such as, job satisfaction, loyalty to em-
ployer, willingness to refer a friend, workforce productivity and deci-
sions to leave the employer (figure 2). Additionally, they are more than
twice as likely to agree strongly or very strongly that their organization’s
profitability is due in part to offering a robust benefits package (71 per-
cent vs. 28 percent of all other companies). It’s clear these companies
view benefits as a key component in driving business objectives and a
healthy bottom line.
Progress with
Health Care Reform
Educating employees about health
care reform is an important issue
12% 20%
Adding or strengthening programs
and policies to encourage health
conscious decisions to reduce costs
26% 31%
Understand health care reform
extremely or very well
25% 40%
Taking steps to help better engage
employees in benefits decisions
54% 81%
Figure 1
Beliefs Regarding Benefits
and Impact on HR Outcomes
Decision to Leave Employer
32% 36%
Workforce Productivity
32% 53%
Willingness to Refer a Friend
35% 53%
Loyalty to Employer
49% 71%
Job Satisfaction
53% 73%
Figure 2
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