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The road map to navigate
the bumpy road ahead
Businesses and workers alike will face abundant challenges as they seek to understand, and react to,
an evolving benefits and health care landscape. Understanding the trends and roadblocks that
face business decision-makers and valued employees can alter future outcomes for all involved.
The growing adoption of consumer-driven health care models will have implications if not carefully
designed and delivered. Whether or not organizations continue to share the responsibility for
educating and guiding workers in their health care decisions will likely produce a variety of consequences.
For companies that view this situation as an opportunity to distinguish themselves from competitors
by enhancing, rather than scaling back, their involvement and delivery of benefits will likely thrive.
Companies will be well-served to accept that any discussion about the right health care strategy
for their organization must begin with the simple understanding that benefits matter, and they remain
an influential lever in how well you are able to manage the company’s biggest expense item – labor.
As such, new and innovative approaches to building robust benefits packages are becoming
more mainstream, including a growing reliance upon voluntary benefits to achieve multiple
benefits objectives.
How companies decide to proceed will shape their futures.
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